Revolutionary Ear-Boards

Just like a keyboard on a computer we can access our internal hard drive using the ears as the keyboard!

How amazing is that!

Quickly resetting areas that are out of balance by squeezing the ears in a clicking - pulsing rhythm, to simulate an electrical on/off scalar wave of energy to pulsate throughout the body!

There are many "techniques" for ear reflexology available out there, many are treating for specific conditions, just like the doctor does, treating the symptom rather than the cause. Acupuncture treats for specific conditions, as does Acupressure. There are also many forms Auricular Therapy, some utilizing electronic devices, gadgets and gizmos but this is NOT Reflexology. The results of that sort of quick fix treatment will likely leave you as unsatisfied a visit to the doctors would.

Don't get me wrong. Sure there are reflex points that can help soothe what ails us, the World Health Organization has even standardized 90 points on the ears, but the magic of Reflexology occurs only when a systematic delivery of finger techniques is applied to the entire surface of the ears in the process. It is only in the application of this SYSTEMATIC delivery of Reflexology that the chain of command returns you to BLISS.

To familiarize your self with your own "constitution" take a picture of your ears, blow them up, and examine them to see the condition of your own body inside and out, mapped right over the Ear-Board for you to see.

Any areas of imbalance are view-able in plain sight. It's a small map of our body, but it's all there.

The imbalances within are indicated on the ears by areas of discoloration, pimples, blisters, broken capillaries, dents, dimples, scaliness, temperature variations, etc. The appearance, texture, sensitivity and temperature found on the ears speaks volumes about our overall condition.
Ear-Board reading has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a reliable non-intrusive diagnostic and treatment tool for years. The American Reflexology Association also utilizes the ears as diagnostic tools.

I highly recommend to take a photo of your ears before each Install, before touching them in any way. Touching them stimulates blood flow to the ear turning it red making "marks" less visible for diagnostic purposes. As you load one Install after another you will visibly see the "marks" on the ears diminish as your condition improves.

Magic you say?

No Reflexology!

May the FORCE be with us!


See for your self!

Imbalances reflected on the Ear-Board

The Microcosm

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