Revolutionary Ear-Boards

Just like a keyboard on a computer we can access our internal hard drive using the ears as the keyboard!

How amazing is that!

Quickly resetting areas that are out of balance by squeezing the ears in a clicking - pulsing rhythm, to simulate an electrical on/off scalar wave of energy to pulsate throughout the body!

There are many "techniques" for ear reflexology available out there, many are treating for specific conditions, just like the doctor does, treating the symptom rather than the cause. Acupuncture treats for specific conditions, as does Acupressure. There are also many forms Auricular Therapy, some utilizing electronic devices, gadgets and gizmos but this is NOT Reflexology. The results of that sort of quick fix treatment will likely leave you as unsatisfied a visit to the doctors would.

Don't get me wrong. Sure there are reflex points that can help soothe what ails us, the World Health Organization has even standardized 90 points on the ears, but the magic of Reflexology occurs only when a systematic delivery of finger techniques is applied to the entire surface of the ears in the process. It is only in the application of this SYSTEMATIC delivery of Reflexology that the chain of command returns you to BLISS.

To familiarize your self with your own "constitution" take a picture of your ears, blow them up, and examine them to see the condition of your own body inside and out, mapped right over the Ear-Board for you to see.

Any areas of imbalance are view-able in plain sight. It's a small map of our body, but it's all there.

The imbalances within are indicated on the ears by areas of discoloration, pimples, blisters, broken capillaries, dents, dimples, scaliness, temperature variations, etc. The appearance, texture, sensitivity and temperature found on the ears speaks volumes about our overall condition.
Ear-Board reading has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a reliable non-intrusive diagnostic and treatment tool for years. The American Reflexology Association also utilizes the ears as diagnostic tools.

I highly recommend to take a photo of your ears before each Install, before touching them in any way. Touching them stimulates blood flow to the ear turning it red making "marks" less visible for diagnostic purposes. As you load one Install after another you will visibly see the "marks" on the ears diminish as your condition improves.

Magic you say?

No Reflexology!

May the FORCE be with us!


See for your self!

Imbalances reflected on the Ear-Board

The Microcosm

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 11.41.02 AM

We have these uber powerful tools on our head to REBOOT to BLISS with

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 11.41.02 AM

Our ears are connected to everything via our nervous system permitting us to easily REBOOT our entire being

The ears are situated outside the Pons location on this diagram. The ears are the first to receive the signal from the brain, then it signals the eyes, then down the spine the signal goes. The ears give you full access to your inner and outer self.

Your sympathetic (walking, talking/run mode) and your parasympathetic (rest and repair/safe mode) can be regulated with the set of ears attached to either side of your head. Brilliantly disguised as hearing apparatus they are devices capable of transforming your inner core vibration in synch with your environment. All with simple easy finger pressure techniques, you learn to reset you vibe to BLISS!

All without lotions potions needles or knives, just fingers and ears.

Download I AM HEALER - YOU are the ONE and Reboot to BLISS


Shoulder Reflex Point

Ear-Board Shoulder Pain Reflex for ligaments, tissue and joint pain.

Shoulder Reflex Point

Shoulder Reflex Point

This is but a drop in the ocean of one little spot found on our EAR to utilize anytime, anywhere on any creature with ears!!

Each part of our shoulder as shown in this diagram above can found in one wee microcosm spot marked with the small red dot on the Ear-Board diagram shown on the right. We use the right ear for the right shoulder, and the left ear for the left shoulder. Each shoulder can be treated by finger pressure applied to those wee spots.

Our shoulders are complex mechanisms that are essential to daily life. Be it an acute pain from overdoing it or a chronic long standing pain in our shoulders, when they hurt it is next to impossible to carry on with normal life functions.

Sore shoulders over a long period of time can also signify dysfunction in other parts of the body known as referral pain. Usually because we are missing the cues our body parts have sent us, like problems with digestion, heart, lungs of which the symptoms may be treated but not the cause. Another reason for the body to refer the pain may be that we have simply just ignored our bodily messages for too long, bloating, wheezing, constipation, diarrhea, bleeding - from anywhere, and the cause still festers compromising our vitality to the brink of annihilation, so our body speaks out by incapacitating us in a different anatomical spot to get our immediate attention and perhaps do something about it. An I AM HEALER Install accesses the root of the problem and systematically eradicates it for us.

This pain referral chart below indicates the organs to which the nervous system is connected and to where on our body the referred pain will show up when there is a serious problem. It is sort of the reverse concept of the signal sent to our the brain from a message it receives from outside of our body, for example: when we pinch our finger in the door, an external cause of pain sends a signal to our brain from the outside of us. Referred pain is a signal to our brain that we are hurting bad from the inside.


Referred Pain Chart

The MedRx would quickly have us (actually it already has a huge following) be dependent on a pharma cocktail of chemicals that block the pain receptors without addressing the cause. Leading to further degeneration of our core vibration because now, we are in no pain and can ignore the cause. Until some other part of us fails that is. The tonsils, the appendix, the gall bladder, the kidneys, the liver, but that will take loads of time, lots of money and tons more meds and procedures all Rx'd by of visits to the office of the MedRx.

Meanwhile, in some other part of our body the serious "cause" of it still brews.

Relying on, again more prescribed pharma cocktails to deal with the fallout of one organ or the malfunction of another, our vibration is further intercepted with the lotions, potions and implants of the MedRx and our vitality plummets even lower.

When we complain things are NOT improving when we learn we now have much worst issues elsewhere in our bodies we are told we are "aging", or that it is "normal for your age", or "what do you expect at your age". Sad thing is most people buy those arguments, but if you are reading this you are not one of those you know YOU are the ONE!

Before our vitality plummets to the point y need to be dissected and have some hardware adjustments or removal/transplant of obsolete body parts, learn how to do an I AM HEALER Install and reset the frequency around the cause of the problem returning it's vibration in synch with the whole.

You will learn how to systematically improve your "shoulder condition" with one I AM HEALER Install after another, as well as learn exactly how to spot treat your self in a moment of pain to eliminate it, with just your fingers and your ears. Easily and effortlessly, though the spot in question will hurt while the anatomical area remains out of balance, inflamed, or infected. Good thing is, when that reflex spot on your Ear-Board is pain free, so is your shoulder. Freely raise your arms up in the air and sway them on demand free from shoulder pain.

Download I AM HEALER now to learn how to activate your body's self healing mechanisms, and improve your overall state of WELL being.

May the FORCE be with you!



After you have completed the download will be able to become a member and gain access to a cornucopia of other reflexes found on your body to help with shoulder issues, and so much more....