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Princess Diana initially sparked an interest for Reflexology that ultimately inspired me to study Reflexology after reading accounts of her receiving treatments 3 times a week. I had never heard of the word "Reflexology", let alone what it did, before she planted the seed of it in me in 1995. It sounded heavenly and only for the rich and famous then, but a foot thing? It all sounded very Mary Magdalen-ish to me, since Jesus liked getting his feet done too. I so appreciated the wonder of a good foot massage, but I could only imagine what a foot therapy might do. Until Don, a fireman friend turned Reflexologist, gave me a sample of what it felt like. He treated only one foot so I could feel the difference it made, all under the cover of the table cloth on the dinner table at a friend's wedding in 1999. I was utterly shocked by the results that left one side of me feeling the wondrous effects of the mini session he'd administered. The entire side of my body on which he'd worked my foot was floating gleefully lighter and freer feeling than the other side of my body he had not worked my foot on. It felt like I was carrying around a lead weight compared to the side he had worked my foot on. That momentary "feel" of what Reflexology represented to the body mind and soul, convinced me to study Reflexology when the opportunity presented itself, when my employer provided me with the funds to take on new career studies as part of my severance package. The nearby Georgian College, offered a Foot and Hand Reflexology course to which I enrolled in feeling I was finally going to make the contribution to humanity I had been destined to. Serendipity played a hand in launching my studies with the greatest instructor I have known. Alana Hewitt led our small class through the course material with eloquence and grace. She taught us anatomy and reflexology, and then also led us to greater knowledge with her suggested reference library. It was exciting to learn that reflexology had once been outlawed in Canada from 1930 until 1965, when The Papal Inquisition (The Papal Inquisition is[1] a group of institutions within the judicial system of the Roman Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy.) became the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and relaxed the laws on heresy and stopped claiming they would burn at the stake anyone who healed with their hands. I reveled in the fact that of all the professions I could have chosen to learn, I had been led to follow in this path to pioneer a science that very few even knew existed and I'd chosen one that had been outlawed. Just my rebel kinda spark. Hum maybe Jesus had something going with his demanding foot work after all?  The greatest gift that Alana shared with her pioneering students at the end of the Foot Reflexology course, before we set off to do our case studies and internship over the next year, was to treat each of us to Ear Reflexology. That set the butterfly effect into motion. I could not complete the Foot Reflexology course fast enough, so I could learn how to give the gift of Ear Reflexology to the world as soon as I could. At that time there were 17 Ear Reflexologists registered with the Reflexology Association of Canada, the governing body for Reflexologists established in 1974 to control Reflexology in Canada. In the tradition of my ancestors before me, the Menominee, who trekked across the Bering ice-bridge from Asia during the last ice-age to settle in the heart of Turtle Island, where they still stand today as one of the few self sustaining Indigenous communities remaining in the world, I set off to blaze a new trail teaching the world how squeezing ears transforms us from the inside out, one set of ears at a time. I felt I held one of the greatest secrets about wellness in my hands when, recommended by Alana, I re-read my 1984 Edition of "You Can Heal Your Life" and learned in her "Story" that Louise Hay had beat her cancer with lifestyle adjustments, positive affirmations and Foot Reflexology 3 times a week for 2 months. I was convinced I needed to share the wondrous assistance Reflexology gives the body in self-healing, as broadly as Louise has shared her positive affirmations. Subsequent publications omit the Reflexology part entirely from her recovery story. Witnessing this healing science help others regain their health, client after client urged me to share this amazing healing art with the world. "Why didn't we know about this" is a common question. Nothing had ever left them feeling so relaxed, pain free and blissful in such a short period of time like having their ears squeezed. Our messengers come in many shapes, sizes, forms and times throughout our journey even though they may pass but a fleeting moment in time through our awareness. Remaining open to *this* or something better, I've asked to be guided, always, for the greatest good of all, harming none, and the courage to embrace the directions my messengers pointed me in. No matter how scary, absurd or irrational they might seem to me. It took 15 years to pass after meeting Princess Diana before I connected the dots and stepped into my soul purpose as a Reflexologist empowering others to self heal by touch alone. The first years of practice were wonder filled for me as client, after client felt balanced and restored and always left feeling blissfully relaxed. I felt like a fairy godmother able to wave my magic wands - my hands - and make it, whatever "it" was, disappear. Their pains and aches, vision and hearing problems, diseases and addictions, heart and digestive problems, all vanished. I derived my greatest pleasure being able to help my immediate family and friends regain their health with the practice of Reflexology. These advancements in Natural Healing techniques were met with open arms in some instances, and in others with violent opposition. How could anyone make money helping people self heal? Most therapies to this day, bank on repeat clientele yet I rarely see any client for more than a few sessions. I had to tell people about this secret we held in our hands. I'd be wrestling with the big boys if I did that and I wasn't sure I could do it. Then one day I serendipitously found the "Notes from the Universe" where you had to spell out what you wanted your life of wildest dreams to look like to help the software tailor the messages to your parameters. I attended training with Mike Dooley in Toronto on his first world tour in 2004 and knew I CAN DO IT! Then, the laws governing Reflexology changed and the government restricted it's practice under new laws in Canada by classifying it as a food and drug under the World Health Organization CODEX agreement in 2004. This move tore apart the Reflexology Association of Canada and it was very uncertain if a Reflexologist could legally earn money practicing for much longer under the new regulations in place. Many countries are now burying Reflexology under the guise of "massage" which it isn't. A past life reading from Richard Wigley (Rysa)  in 2007 revealed to me that my children had been taken from me, as they had been forcefully taken from me in this lifetime, and that I had been burned at the stake for healing with my hands.  In Canada, in 2007 it was decreed that by 2010, even though a course on Reflexology takes only days to complete, to legally earn a living in the practice of Reflexology, one must be continually be enrolled in a continuing education program of some sort. So if you learn Foot, Hand and Ear  Reflexology you need to continue your required education in other fields - such as Nursing or Massage Therapist, or some other big pharma endorsed program. Otherwise we can practice but we cannot charge a cent for the ancient healing science that heals by touch alone.  On the Blue Moon of October of 2007, I had a vision of my house being swallowed up in a land slide. On October 31 of the same year, I sat before the Dalai Lama on his "Art of Happiness" tour when he visited Toronto. Inspired by his words, I returned home and listed my house of 12 years for sale, based on the messages from my spiritual guides. It sold in 10 days and closed in 20. I had no idea of where I would be going, except out of that empty house where I had raised my youngest son who now lived with his father. Always asking for direction from my guides, I inquired  as to where in the world I should go next. I was guided to a small island in the Mediterranean Sea by my Illuminator who unlocked the A-bun-DANCE factor for me, so in my opinion he's the World's BEST DJ - Brad Copeland. Consulting the 12 House again, Radleigh Valentine sealed my fate when he urged me to "GO GO GO". I was absolutely thrilled to be traveling there on the "WINDSTAR" luxury sail cruiser, transatlantic from Barbados to Lisbon. By the time I set sail on the Full Moon of April 2008, I realized that it was not my house, as such, that was swallowed up in a landslide, it was the entire housing market. My love of electronic dance music (EDM) led me to Ibiza, Spain where this ancient healing science was much more appreciated. Dancing to my heart's content which always leads to abundance for me, I was tremendously well received and promoted about the island in no time flat. It was there that I developed the potency of ear squeezing to the sounds of EDM full on. Transforming lives one set of ears after another. It led to a life of abundance like I had never experienced before. I felt I had found HOME! I took a quick trip back to Canada to renew my passport and to then return to my life of service to humanity on Ibiza and  made a permanent move back to the Balearic Island. I got another astrology reading from Mark S. Husson at 12 House  in 2010, revealed that, like Prometheus, I was here to steal the "fire" from the "gods" and return it to the people. So this is not a new mission for me. My return to Ibiza in October 2010 also led me to my first "book angel", the original instigator behind this book, Dr. Markus P. Thiel. He believed that this ear resetting information was a message I needed to share with the world and strongly encouraged me to enroll with a book writing network. He even lent me the money to do so, he was so confident my work should be published for all to know. I was out of the starting gate on fulfilling my soul purpose and delivering the "fire" back to humanity. I was thrilled that the program offered online access and content development for it's published authors and book readers alike. The Messengers of Change Network served me well as the rigorous editorial platform to begin sculpting my message. Coaching from author of "Conversations with God" Neale Donald Walsch and others catapulted me into believing in my ability to share my message with the world in an online environment, they were working on making it interactive too. Then WordPress came on the scene and rendered the buggy program obsolete. Nonetheless a young kid - their number one star Messenger of Change, Brendon Burchard's little book "Millionaire Messenger"  had just hit the #1 Best Seller! Catapulting him ultimately to gross $4,800,000.00 in 2011, his first year as a Messenger of Change! I was pumped to hop on the bandwagon with him. My friend Cal of Aquarius Visionary Art had just finished his Graphic Design course and offered to make my book cover. With the cover and diagrams and script in hand I began promoting this self healing science in high gear, but it was still not the time to publish it then. Just before completing my first draft in 2011, my sister who had come to live with me in Spain, badly broke the fingers on my right hand. This occurred only days after my 96 years vibrant grandmother had suffered a massive heart attack and fell and broke her hip. I returned to Canada in the summer of 2011 to be there with her, as her prognosis was dim, and, to have my fingers looked after. I worked on my grandmother and she recovered enough to be dismissed from the hospital 3 weeks after I started her treatments. I neglected having my hand looked after until after my grandmother was released from the hospital and, by then, I was told I would have to live with it in the condition it was in permanently, crooked. I stayed close to my grandmother delivering her juices every day and administering ear squeezes in the convalescence home she was in while I continued to work at the final copy of my book and to create instructional films to go along with my eBook. My grandmother was never able to walk on her own again, her leg is shorter and her hip badly reconstructed so she is in a wheelchair in a nursing home and will be celebrating her 101 birthday in less than 3 months. I returned to Ibiza where my heart beckoned me and where I now considered to be home in January 2012. I diligently carved and whittled my book to a final copy and when it came time to publish it I wished to offer only green alternatives, so I decided to publish it as an eBook. As though by magic, in stepped a good friend and my second "book angel" Michiel Terwisscha van Scheltinga.  He graciously laboured with me for months over every fine detail to format and convert my words and charts and films into an interactive eBook. It was ready to roll, FINALLY!! The summer of 2012 found me beginning to fulfill my dream of sharing this ancient healing science and teaching it to islanders and tourists alike. However, once again, it was not the time to promote my little ear reflexology instruction manual as far and wide as I wanted. Everything came to a crashing halt when I fell and broke my right hand wrist on Sept 14, 2012. That put a stop to my ability to teach and practice during World Reflexology Week, an event I had planned to blitz my teachings at. After the cast was removed from m y wrist I learned that the break had severed the tendon to my right thumb requiring reconstructive hand surgery. On Dec 5, 2012 the surgeon borrowed one of the 2 tendons from my index finger and attached it to my thumb to replace the lost tendon that had been absorbed by my body while in the cast. Then, came the harrowing task of retraining my hand to function. It was a year before I could train it to hold a tooth brush, a hair brush, a knife and fork or a pen to write again. Driven by my soul purpose to teach this science far and wide, my determination and persistence paid off. I was able to regain full function of my hand within 2 years of it being reconstructed. As soon as I was able, I began squeezing ears and rebooting people again. Slowly at first, it took a long time to train my thumb, now attached to the extra tendon from my index finger, to use it and do the work of a thumb instead. With every pair of ears I squeezed my thumb responded and grew stronger, till I could carry a full load of ear squeezing again. I could carry on with sharing this information with the world with both hands again! My main passion has always been to empower others. I give clients reflex "tools" to be able to treat themselves, and usually do not see any for more than 3 sessions as their health improves that quickly. It was not long before every client urged me to let this secret be know, drawing my attention back to the book I had written and the films I had created to do just that. My conviction grew stronger with each of the 15 years that have passed since I discovered Reflexology. Each pair of ears, hands, or feet teach me more to share. I have no doubt that this ancient healing science is in harmony with all creatures - it works on any one with ears regardless of their species, age, gender, race or beliefs. It is a FORCE we all have. I am abundantly grateful to Princess Diana for planting the seed of it in me. Her random acts of kindness inspired me deeply. As did the acts of kindness of astrologist Dale Osadchuk, who guided me as to when to focus on writing, revising, reviewing and finally launch promoting it far and wide. Normally I run the numbers, check the charts and plot a very specific time frame for any project I launch. After so many false starts, I surrendered to the directions my numerous guides pointed me in to share my book to teach the world about their very own built-in I AM HEALER. On Aug 25, 2015 at 14:44, the last sequence of numbers I had been shown to follow, I launched the new I AM HEALER website. Then, once it was all done, I ran the numbers and cast the chart and was astounded at what a benefic time it proved to indicate. I have undertaken a huge task in face of the over consumption of pharmaceuticals prevalent today, but it is with tremendous certainty that forge ahead blazing a new trail in self healing. And that young kid Brendon Burchard, the Millionaire Messenger, will be coaching me at his High Performance Academy next month in California to kick start me into high performance with this wee book of mine. I am BLISSED! When we trust our inner knowing and follow the symbols, the letters, the numbers, the messengers and the guides, they indicate exactly where we need to focus our random acts of kindness, and then... life becomes a dream come true. Step after step into Great Mystery where there are NO coincidences. That you are presently reading this is not a coincidence either. You have been guided here to learn, what I have witnessed to be the greatest reboot tool on the planet, so you may re-synchronize yourself to BLISS and help others to do so also. After squeezing thousands of ears, it is abundantly clear to me that reflexology should not be reserved for the rich and famous, it should be a power we all know we have. I have been shown that the ears offer us far greater and more profoundly healing devices than any other form of therapy. I step into my soul purpose, once again, in guiding us to a deeper understanding that our "I AM HEALER" is built right in all of us with this little instruction book and videos on how to squeeze our own ears to regain control of our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. All without lotions or potions, needles or knives, simply with our fingers and ears. The time is NOW! Download your Install. YOU are the ONE!  May the FORCE be with YOU! Abundant Gratitude Michelle

Michelle Robert Smith

Michelle Robert Smith



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