The Energy Reading


The Energy-Reading

We activate our I AM HEALER Ear-Boards by squeezing them with our fingers, sending communication along the Ear-Boards' hard wired electrical system - the nervous system. Once activated, the Ear-Boards simultaneously delete old programming systematically as easily as we delete a file from our hard drive. We can delete pain, limitation, anxiety and stress from our system, incredulous as it may seem, as easily AND as quickly as we delete unwanted information from our computer's hard drive. These deletions simultaneously free up space on our personal hard drive and makes room for any new information available to be uploaded. Programs like peace, harmony, joy, BLISS and AbunDance!

For maximum benefit it is best to be seated or reclined in a comfortable position. Never cross your arms or legs during the Readings or Install, it's sort of like crossing wires in your electrical system. Wash hands before and after Install.

Prior to activating our I AM HEALER Ear-Boards, before touching our ears at all, it is helpful to assess our starting state of wellness or imbalance to gauge our improvement from our current state of being through the Install and subsequent examinations. We can assess our present condition with two "Readings".

  • First a Visual Reading (covered in more detail in an upcoming Webinar)
  • Second an Energy Reading (described below)

Visual Reading 

Whether doing our own ears or others', the most efficient way to record our state of being is the take a photo of our ears. Place the camera on macro and shoot. It takes some practice to get good ear "selfies" but well worth it once we "see" the tracks of wear and tear on our entire body. This wear and tear is mapped out by every little bumps and blimps and nicks and crannies and whiteheads and blackheads, veins and capillaries overlaid your Ear-Boards and signifies something is going on elsewhere in our body. (Visual Ear Reading will be covered in an Ear-Board Reading Webinar I am working really hard to prepare for you - soon come!)

Energy Reading

After the Visual Reading is completed, the starting point of any Install is always to take an Energy Reading of our body’s energy patterns in the NOW. This reading is carried out using highly sensitive energy transmitting and receiving devices - your hands and your ears. That's right. There are magnets in each hand and in each ear that conduct energy similar to a magneto coil in an engine.

If you are unfamiliar with the energy transmission that occurs constantly throughout our body or the power we hold in our hands try this little experiment. Sitting with both feet flat, hold both hands out in front of you - palms facing each other. Keeping them about 3 inches - 8 cm - apart. Move your hands slowly apart then back together - back and forth for a few seconds. Pause, with hands close together, and feel the lines of energy between your palms. Feel the heat, the tingles? Now slowly move your palms further away from each other to see how far out you can go before you no longer feel the 'pull' of the energies. When the energies stop - move your palms back and forth slightly fanning in opposite directions and you should continue to feel the pull/heat/tingle of the energies. For some people this happens immediately, for others it takes time to recognize the changes in frequency. The more you practice, the better and more powerful you become at sensing energy pulsating with your hands.

Now you are ready to do an Energy Reading on your self. Ensure hands and ears are at room temperature before attempting to take an Energy Reading. The Energy Reading is conducted by placing our warm hands over our ears and cupping each for 5 to 10 seconds. Feel the energetic differences from one side to the other. You are measuring the energy of one side compared to the other and gauging dualities like past or present, yin or yang, active or passive. Note any differences in temperature or pressure from one ear to the other, or if both Ear-Boards feel equal in temperature or pressure. Does one ear feel more open/closed than the other? Is one ear hotter/colder than the other? Does one ear feel more active/blocked than the other? Or do your Ear-Boards feel equal?

The result of our Energy Reading forms the basis from which we can start to gauge our improvement and notice the energy shifting out of us throughout the Install.

For complete instructions on how to assess an Energy Reading, found in Chapter 5, please download your copy today!




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