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I AM HEALER ~ The Ear-Boards Summary

“The choice is yours, take the Blue pill . . . or take the Red pill. You take the blue pill, the story ends here and you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want. Or, you take the red pill and you stay in [I AM] wonderland and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
(From the film The Matrix 1999)

Envision a holographic keyboard that has been laid over your ears. It gives you direct access to your body’s very own inner pharmaceutical company. The layout of this keyboard is even ergonomically positioned for your ease and comfort! Half the keyboard is on one ear, and the other half is on the other ear. The right ear corresponds to the right side of the entire body, and the left ear to the left side of the body.

Thanks to Dr. Paul Nogier, the Father of Auricular Acupressure, every single part the body, inside and out, has been anatomically mapped to corresponding areas on the ears. This map is so easy to read that even a child can do it!

In fact, in 1957, Dr. Nogier superimposed an inverted fetus over a diagram of the ear to map out the anatomical positioning of the body’s reflexes on the ears. His approach led to the most accurate mapping yet created.

According to Dr. Nogier’s work, the Ear-Boards are arranged like this:

1 – The reflexes for the head area are positioned on the ear lobes and the knobby bumps just above the lobes, in front and back of the ear canal. Every anatomical point from the neck up is located on and around the lobe of your ears.

2 – The extremities of the body are located along the ear flaps. The shoulder reflexes are positioned at the narrowest part of the rear portion of the earflap. The hip reflex is found on the widest part of the top earflap. The arm and leg reflexes are located on the upper flap of the ear, extending around the rear and top of the ear.

3 – The spine reflexes are situated along the ridge of cartilage where the flap meets the bowl of the ear. Beginning just above the bump above the lobe, at the smallest part of the rear earflap, is the neck reflex. The reflexes for each of the 33 vertebrae are located along the cartilage rim surrounding the bowl of the ear. The tailbone is at tip of the cartilage rim where the ear and scalp meet. This is also the area for the sexual reflexes.

4 – Reflexes for the internal parts of the body are found in the center bowl of the ear. Reflexes for the heart and lungs are at the base of the bowl, near the ear canal. The diaphragm and stomach reflexes are in the middle of the bowl. The lower digestive and reproductive organs are in the upper part of the bowl of the ear.

The Ear-Boards are your portal into the Macrocosm. In fact, the ear Microcosm acts like the keyboard on a computer. By simply pressing certain keys – areas on the ears – in a certain sequence, you can gain access to your mainframe’s central processing unit and communicate with all the various programs of your body’s computer.

In the same way that you do not necessarily need to govern every bit of information when you execute a “Save As” on your computer, you also do not need to govern the body’s inner workings towards health. Your body naturally wants to gravitate to well-being. According to Bruce Lipton, science has shown that a sick cell can be entrained to wellness by placing a healthy cell vibrating at a higher frequency near it. Science has shown that a healthy heart can entrain a sick heart to vibrate at a healthy frequency.

The body’s propensity towards well-being is observed in its natural ability to regenerate every single cell. Every bone cell is regenerated at least once every seven years, and every single cell in the eye is regenerated every 48 days. In order to maintain your GREAT I AM’s vibrancy, you simply need to maintain the 8 Hertz frequency. That is where your I AM HEALER comes into play!

Information delivered with each click of your fingers on your Ear-Boards explodes across the neuro pathways and into your brain in the blink of an eye. It works as quickly as hitting a keystroke on a computer to save, copy, delete, print, play, run, reformat, defrag, or reboot. You have full
access! A whole new level of reality is achieved as you activate the Ear-Boards with this Install.

Let’s load your I AM HEALER program.
Free your mind . . . and don’t worry, it may hurt a little at first as you click-twist-release the bugs and viruses from your Operating System. Endorphins will be released simultaneously to alleviate any pain you may feel there on the Ear-Boards and to dispense required components to remedy that part of the body. Everybody feels great after a Full I AM HEALER Install.

The body cannot live without the mind. Such a construct may be foreign to you, but if you stretch your mind and entertain the possibility, you can actually help to dream a different reality into being. Enter deeper into the rabbit hole and head into the mystery where reality is actually created.

You are about to embark on a voyage that will take you deeper into inner-scape than you have ever been – In EAR drive Mode – to reset your computer. A set of fingers and a set of ears are the only things required,
and then . . .
You are IN!

EAR-BOARD Anatomical Labels


To squeeze your ears by ~ just click along with the rhythm!

May 2024