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In order to achieve our greatest potential there are a few fundamental essential requirements to maintaining the temple that we have as humans, our body. An I AM HEALER Install in ear-drive mode will go a long way towards erasing, reformatting and rebooting our programs, but if we continue to do what we've always done... guess what? We'll continue to get what we've always got. Plain and simple.

That said, instincts tell me you would not be reading this if you had not come to that realization already. Chances are you have navigated through a quagmire of "therapies" "procedures" "tests" and "doctors" "specialists" to find your self reading about your fundamental essentials from someone who assures you that - YOU are the ONE!

Once IN ear-drive mode, nothing remains the same, everything gets better. Following an Install we feel the urge to purge and remove unwanted debris laying around in our life, our mind and our body. We will also likely feel the urge to change some of the things that we've always done so we can break free from the cycle and not continue to get what we've always got. The urges to purge can come on suddenly, or very gradually. We may notice the urge to eat well surface, to want to eat real food that's still alive! Or we may feel the urge to stretch, exercise or dance to help move the debris out of our innards. We may have a renewed libido, YES! One of the best side effects of an Install is the lack of worry and stress in daily life, and who doesn't need stress removed from their daily activities to some degree? Prioritizing and organizing become clearer, purging unnecessary clutter from our mind and off our desk and out of our closets or garages!

Fasten your seat belt Dorothy, Kansas is going bye bye..

Ear-drive mode aside - I'd like to give you some common sense tools to take better control of your environmental vibration so that you may emit the optimum frequency you are here to imbue the world with. The world needs your input. But you see, the thing is with common sense - we may have it, but are we making it common practice? Think of it this way - it's no more complicated than operating a car for example, for a car to run it needs fuel, oil, water and repairs, otherwise it's found on the side of the road, dead. Same goes for humans!!! Not the same grade of fuel, oil, water or repairs as is required for humans but required it is none the less. Scouring the globe for research and from personal experience, these are the recommendations I make for all of my clients, I hope they serve you greatly also.


The Fundamental Essentials:

These guidelines may be very extreme for some or they may already be common practice for others. Remember they are guidelines and we are human, so we need to be kind with our self, forgiving of our shortcomings and commit to try to follow them as closely as possible. Be patient with our self when falling off the wagon, we are imperfect humans. Be persistent in beginning each day planning the fundamental essentials of life and as you begin to weave these common sense practices into daily habits you will be rewarded with optimum vibrancy, sustained happiness and good health to power your temple with.


  • Eat a locally grown fresh, organic rainbow of foods daily, that are on average 50% alive, not cooked. Eat right for your blood type. Likely the single most beneficial long term nourishment protocols to maintain a robust vitality. Eating right for our blood type is not about counting calories, it's about putting diesel fuel in a diesel engine, and gasoline in a gas engine, and jet fuel in a jet engine. Depending on our blood type we all have different 'fuel' requirements.
  • Avoid anything that comes in a can, bag or box. In North America it likely contains genetically modified products (GMO) and are devoid of any true nutrition. GMO's interfere with our hormone receptors by fooling our body into thinking the GMO's are hormones. Messing with a whole gamut of glands and organs as a result, affecting our metabolism, our moods and our cycles.
  • Avoid grains and sugar which are usually the first ingredients in packages GMO foods and in North America it is likely GMO laced. Either way, 1 teaspoon of sugar compromises our immune system for 12 hours. Scientists have determined that grains, dairy and sugar serve as the fuel for all diseases. If we are suffering in any way, simply cutting grains, dairy and sugar from our diet can quickly turn our health around in a matter of days. If we continue to do what we've always done we will continue to suffer.

Hydrate -

  • Our brain is 95% water and our body is 75% water. Running it on empty is like running your car with no water in the rad, it would soon be found on road dead or overheated at best.
  • Pure simple H2O minimum 2-4 liters a day - flushes out toxins, hydrates each cell, maintains the vitality of our brain - our CPU. Drinking a huge glass of water on rising acts like priming a water pump. The glug glug of gulping downing a huge glass of water sets the flow going in our digestive system like clockwork it sets off a chain reaction throughout our entire body in the process. Without priming the pump the water does not flow.
  • Like a hydro dam without water, your nervous system, the conductor of the body's electricity wanes without proper hydration. A large glass of water will cure 95% of headaches. Our brain short circuits, our heart misses a beat, things don't signal properly when dehydrated. Try running a vehicle without water in the rad and see how far it gets. We wouldn't do that to our car - we shouldn't do it to your body! Set a timer to remind you to hydrate if need be to start, then once your body gets the feel of it, it will become a habit for you to automatically reach for water to maintain proper hydration.

Rest and Repair  

  • Fasting 12 hours every night gives our organs a detox as they clean themselves out every time we fast 12 hours. This practice is rejuvenating and eliminates the need to take time to frequently detox the organs independently. When these organs back up - we falter and fail, so it's important, no it is VITAL to keep them clean.
  • Avoiding food or drink 4 hours prior to bedtime to give our body the opportunity to metabolize food before sleep instead of digesting it during sleep, and also so you don't need to get up through the night go to the toilet interrupting your sleep.
  • Sleep studies have determined we need at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in total darkness. That means no radio lights, night light, street light, TV or monitor lights = total darkness is required to get proper rest. Winding down, dimming the lights, turning off all devices one hour prior to bedtime has a calming effect and ensures proper sleep. The greatest sleeping pill is found directly on our ears (Step 1 of an I AM HEALER Install) Running an I AM HEALER Install - Steps 1 to 7 before sleep will ensure a good sleep through the night, awaken feeling refreshed and rested ready to take on the day full ON!


  • Stretching, skipping, bouncing/trampoline, yoga or ear squeezing soon after rising helps to get rid of the toxins that accumulated overnight to be released from our digestive system, our circulatory system, our filtration systems and our lymphatic system. Clearing out the sludge from our body and oxygenating it before beginning the day clears our minds to prioritize and organize potently, research has shown it improves productivity by 27% each and every day. Running an I AM HEALER Install - Steps 1 to 7 upon waking ensures the night's waste is eliminated, leaving you feeling light and pumped, ready to take on the day full ON!
  • Optimal 45 minutes total, of daily brisk physical activity, maintaining an elevated heart rate to clear out cellular waste and fill our heart and our brain with more oxygen, improved circulation
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking instead of driving to the corner store. Playing with our children outside. Moving away from our desk to stretch/move every hour, if possible. Squeeze your ears to improve circulation. Go bare feet, we have 7,200 nerve endings on the bottom of each foot at our disposal to reset our corresponding organs - so DANCE!!

Maintaining these Fundamental Essentials allows us to better create, contribute and participate with love, enthusiasm and joy with our loved ones, our community and our organizations in vigorous service.

Make these common sense practices, common sense habits for your self and watch your performance soar - in the boardroom, on the dance floor or in the bedroom!

Please feel free to share these fundamental common sense practices if you feel they will be of service to others.

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