Ear-Drive Mode

You are the ONE, but just like Neo, you have no idea that you are.

WAKE UP! Your I AM HEALER is within you.

All you need is the time to learn how to go into ear-drive mode and load an I AM HEALER Install. It's sort of like when Neo learned how to do Kung-Fu, you can learn to connect to your eternal healer and BLISS.  Don't worry there is no probe inserted into your brain and it's not complicated - if you can pinch, you can run an Install. You don't need a guru, you don't need any special tools, all you need are just your fingers and your ears - YOU are the ONE!

Contrary to what we have been conditioned to believe, we do not necessarily need to seek help from the outside because we own and operate a built-in pharmacy on the inside. This pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the ears are the dispensary. Squeezing your ears, on certain areas releases 100% organic remedies to other parts that need it. There is a release of "antidepressants", if that is what is required. You cannot overdose from squeezing your ears. Your ears know what you need and they dispense the required dosage for whatever ails you.  There are points to release: antihistamines; pain killers; sleeping pills; digestive aids; hormones, and the list goes on and on. Crazy cool stuff right?

No MedRx required.

Wait. Do they have you where they want you, running for a pill, a lotion or potion of some sort to fix you up, rather than squeezing your ears? It is a deeply programmed habit, the MedRx has a vested interest to keep it that way. But it is just a habit, and habits can be broken very easily in ear drive mode!

Experts say it can take from 21 to 30 days to break or form a habit, and 30 years of therapy to undo 3 years of bad programming from childhood. Not if you are driving your temple in ear-drive mode. Bad habits fall away naturally sometimes after only one Install. Three Installs over 3 days will de-clutter your life in a very noticeable way. 

Addiction is erased from memory in 10 consecutive Installs significantly reducing the years of therapy normally required to unravel it from your psyche, to ten 30 minute Installs. I kid you not. Freedom from guilt, freedom from shame, freedom from blame. Freedom to pursue joy and fairness and love. BLISS!

Going into ear-drive mode literally erases bad programming that may have kept you hooked, doing the same things you have always done, unconsciously and frees your mind of those restrictions, lifting the veil and expanding it to the multitude of possibilities before you.

Once you are IN ear-drive mode, nothing remains the same, everything gets better. Your mind, your body and your soul, your Trinity vibrates in sync with the Universe.

GET your I AM HEALER Install today


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