New film editing equipment – a new MacBook Pro ;)

It’s amazing how technology works. It’s a wonderful “new” thing one day, and then the next thing we know, the same wonderful new gizmo returns us messages that what we are trying to do is “no longer supported by our system”. The rate at which the new gizmos become obsolete is of staggering proportions. Advancements […]

Mail Chimp & Pop Ups

The joys of tracking everyone’s interest and development leads me on a new learning curve with Mailchimp & Pop Up’s. Both of these platforms I have interacted with – pop ups more than I like – as an essential part of participating in an online environment, and have grown familiar with using both as a […]

Paypal has gone digital!!

To facilitate selling digital goods Paypal has created a tool to make buying and downloading digital goods easier than ever right from my web site. This means I need to set up a Business Account first then streamline it all into my website.. somehow Thank goodness they have developer instructions to set it all up […]