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I AM HEALER ~ The Microcosm VIDEO 3

I AM HEALER ~ The Microcosm Summary

"Everything in life is vibration." – Albert Einstein

Bypassing your mind, your Ear Microcosms, or Ear-Boards, tune into the brain’s electrical signals. This shortcut allows you to reset your Body Macrocosm to its proper vibration of 7.83 Hz via your body’s own electrical system: the nervous system.

Working in the Parasympathetic Mode, you can plunge deep within your own Unconscious Operating System. You can interact live – in real time, online, face-to-face – with different parts of your body simultaneously via your computer’s very own keyboard: your ears.

The ears are the event horizon, the “keyboard,” through which you reclaim, reset, and reformat your hard drive without using needles, electrodes, or knives, and without having to change any body parts or refurbish your hardware!

Stimulating the ears with finger clicks resets the frequency of any area that is out of synch. This process is similar to scanning for viruses on a computer, locking into them, and deleting them from the system. The brain responds to the signals it receives from clicking the Ear-Boards reflexes, and it begins dispensing hormones, endorphins, or whatever it is you need to reset your core vibration to harmony. Your greatest source of medicine is built right into your Ear-board!

The Ear-Boards Microcosms offers reset points for every interior and exterior part of your entire Body Macrocosm. By stimulating these points with your fingers, the nervous system reformats your hard drive, and you regain balance naturally through the alleviation of stress and the
elimination of pain. You are left feeling serene.

Time to take you underground . . .

The Microcosm
Ear Chakras


To squeeze your ears by ~ just click along with the rhythm

May 2024