9 ~ The Install ~ Step 3 ~ Defrag

I AM HEALER ~ The Install ~ Step 3 Defrag Video 9

I AM HEALER ~ Install ~ Step 3: Defrag Chapter 9

Step 3: Defrag/organize contents ~ fig 3, the blue areas. Step 3 is divided into 2 sections see fig.3(a) and fig.3(b)

This round of clicks aligns your spine. Every vertebrae of your spine from your neck to your tail bone is realigned with the squeezes along this pass of the Ear-Boards. Shaking off any debris encountered along the way, one vertebrae at a time, leaving you structurally sound to manage the rest of the Install with ease and grace.
Let's GO!
Place your fingers near the lobes over the cartilage rim where the flap meets the bowl, see fig 3(a) in the blue area just above the bump, above the lobe, at the narrowest part of the ear-flap where the neck vertebrae reflexes are located, click the cervical vertebrae and continue to slowly click-twist-release up your Ear-Boards all the way around, following the cartilage rim to where the ear meets the scalp, where you tail bone ends. Placing one finger on the front of the ear and placing the other fingers in the groove on the back, click-twist-release 25-30 pulsations. Pausing to pulse 3 more times on areas that are especially sore to squeeze, simultaneously relieving any discomfort in your spine!
Then, follow fig. 3(b) to realign the entire skeletal hip region. Click-twist-release approximately 10 pulsations all the way up the vertical fig 3(b) the blue areas as shown in the diagram.
This completes the reset of your entire skeletal system now clearing all obstacle's in the Defrag sweep, we can move onto our innards.
Sweep an Rest before continuing on to Step 4

Skeletal Points1

Skeletal Points

I AM HEALER ~ Install ~ Step 3 ~ Defrag Audio 9


I AM HEALER SOUNDTRACK to squeeze your ears by ~ just go along with the rhythm


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