8 ~ The Install ~ Step 2 ~ Scanning for Viruses

I AM HEALER ~ The Install ~ Step 2 VIDEO 8

I AM HEALER ~ The Install ~ Step 2, Chapter 8

Step 2. Scanning for viruses/bugs in the system. Find them throughout the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and immune system found in fig. 2, the pink areas which is divided in two sections 2(a) covering the extremities on our body, our arms and legs & 2(b) covering the Immune System for our body.

Placing fingers at back, and thumbs in the front of the Ear-Boards, begin at the narrowest part of the rear flap of the ear, just above the bump on the top of the lobe, follow the furrow just inside the cartilage rim all the way up to the top of the floppy part of the ear (2a). Click-twist-release approximately 20 to 30 spots along every millimeter of surface to reset your extremities.

Next you will reset your immune response triangle at the top front of the flap, where the Ear-Boards meet the scalp (2b). Gently pull the ear away from the scalp to obtain a good grip, and then click-twist-release at least 9 to 12 points within the triangle. End with sweep and rest

Sweep and Rest
Sweep your ears with the palms of your hands by gently brushing the ears from the bottom of the lobes to the top of the ear, or vice-versa, away from your head. You are sweeping away the energy you released from the PNS & Immune System. In order to throw away the energy that was gathered with your hands, shake them out after each sweep. Repeat the sweep/shake 3 times. Now lower your arms and rest a moment, allowing the grounding energy to settle before continuing on to Step 3.

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I AM HEALER SOUNDTRACK to squeeze your ears by ~ just go along with the rhythm to get the beat you should try to move at

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