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“ . . . you carry in your fingertips what many consider to be the most awesome of all personal powers: the livelong power to heal by touch alone . . . . I have this power, my friends and family have this power. Now you can have this power, too." – Michael Blate

Step 1 ~ Checking for Updates and scanning the system for any out-of-date programs, you will be going online by connecting to the electrical/central nervous system. Step 1 soothes the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS), calming frazzled nerves in the process.

Step 1 is divided in 3 parts: 1(a); 1(b); 1(c)  as shown in fig.1, the purple areas.

Begin at the bottom of the lobes on the very outer edge of the rear rim of the ears (1a).

Moving in minuscule increments to insure you cover all parts of your Ear-Boards, pulse between 30 to 40 click-twist-releases, moving from the rear bottom tip of the lobes, all the way up to the top center of the Ear-Boards (1b). Pause at the dent in the center of the top of your ear-flap rim (1b), and click that spot 3 times. This is one of the analgesic points found on the ears and if you are in pain it will be easy to know you are on the right spot as it will be very tender to touch - it will hurt. Good thing is when the reflex point no longer hurts - you will not hurt either!

Continue clicking down around the top and front of the Ear-Boards with another 20 to 30 clicks, following the inward curve of the cartilage rim down into the dividing ridge in the center of the "bowl" of the Ear-Boards.

In the center of that ridge you will find a "V" indentation in the middle of the bowl. This is where the reset for your CPU your central nervous system is located (1c). This is your spinal cord access, where you are plunged into the Parasympathetic mode of Rest and Repair. Pause here and apply 3 pulses of 5 seconds each, with the tips of the index finger applying firm pressure towards the center of your head, inhale deeply with the pulse in, and exhale deeply for 5 seconds when the pressure is released for 3 pushes.

Step 1 is a quick way to ground yourself or anyone else, anytime or anywhere!

This is the only time you apply pressure against your head. In most other circumstances pressure should not be exerted against the head, but rather against the counter pressure support from a finger or thumb.

End Step 1 (and every other Step as well) with the following:

Sweep and Rest
Sweep your ears with the palms of your hands by gently brushing the ears from the bottom of the lobes to the top of the ear, or vice-versa, away from your head. You are sweeping away the energy you released from the PNS. In order to throw away the energy that was gathered with your hands, shake them out after each sweep. Repeat the sweep/shake 3 times. Now lower your arms and rest a moment, allowing the grounding energy to settle before continuing on to Step 2.

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I AM HEALER SOUNDTRACK to squeeze your ears by ~ just go along with the rhythm to get the beat you should try to move at

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