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An “O”-like pincher must be formed with your thumb and index finger, connecting them fingertip-to-fingertip rather than pad-to-pad.

With the Ear-Boards in between the thumb and finger, make sure one fingertip is on the front surface of the Ear-Boards and the other fingertip is on the back surface. You will be applying firm pressure to the Ear-Boards with this claw-like pincher, so short nails on index finger and thumb are required.

There are hundreds of reflex points on the ears, so clicking every miniscule part of the surface of your Ear-Boards is essential for a successful Install. Imagine that the Ear-Board’s keys are the size of your fingertip and they are placed snugly, one next to the other, with keys covering the entire surface of the Ear-Boards. Clicking the keys on your Ear-Boards is done in a slow, rhythmic pulsation: click-twist-release.

For maximum effectiveness, use one finger for counter pressure and the other for the click-twist-release. The index finger – the most sensitive of the fingers – does most of the click-twist-release pulsing, while the thumb - the most strong of the fingers, does most of the support and counter-pressure work. You will always be squeezing with the ear in between the index finger and thumb: click, making contact from finger tip to finger tip (not the sides or pads of your finders); twist by pivoting one rotation in a little circle with the index finger around the tip of thumb; release. The final step here is vital for the blockages to be released a complete disconnect of the ear much be performed in between every squeeze. Do not drag your fingers over the ear’s surface.

Some areas may be better worked by placing the thumb inside the ear and the finger on the outside, but in other areas it is easier to work with them reversed. Switch finger positions as required for your own comfort in clicking your Ear-Boards.

Any tender or thick spots on your Ear-Boards may indicate areas of imbalance. These are the areas you may need to spend a bit more time on. Use only as much pressure in squeezing the ears as you can comfortably bear. The pain will diminish with each Install! Your computer will dispense the required adjustments, sending painkillers and feelgood floods with each click.

You’re ready to load your I AM HEALER Upgrade!

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The I AM HEALER Soundtrack to play while you squeeze your ears ~ just pinch along with the rhythm to get the beat of it. You can use whatever type of music you prefer while you run your Install. The choice is always yours!


May 2024

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