5 ~ The Energy Reading

I AM HEALER ~ The Energy Reading VIDEO 5

I AM HEALER ~ The Energy Reading Summary

“Remember all I am offering is the truth – nothing
more.” – (from the film The Matrix)

As you activate your I AM HEALER Ear-Boards, you will simultaneously delete old programming and make room for new information to be uploaded, all within the first few clicks of your Ear-Boards. And then BLISS is just a few clicks beyond that. Your I AM HEALER Ear-Boards are available to you on demand, anytime, anyplace, for use on yourself or to benefit others.

For maximum benefit it is best to be seated or reclined in a comfortable position. Do not cross your arms or legs during the Install.

The starting point of your I AM HEALER Install is to take an Energy Reading of your body’s energy patterns using your ears. Before the ears are stimulated in any way, placing your hands over your ears cup each of your warm ears with warm hands for 5 to 10 seconds. Note any differences in temperature or pressure from one ear to the other, or if both Ear-Boards feel the same. You are measuring the energy of one side compared to the other, gauging dualities like past or present, yin oryang. Is one ear more open or closed than the other? Is one ear hotter or colder than
the other? Does one ear feel more active than the other? Or do your Ear-Boards feel equal?

If the Energy Reading on both Ear-Boards is equal, it is an indication that you live in joy, health, and abundance, in harmony with your environment. Congratulations! You will easily and effortlessly manage this Install. If the Energy Reading on your Ear-Boards is different from one ear to the other, it is an indication that you simply need some tweaking. You will easily and effortlessly manage this Install! Depending on your Energy Reading, you may have bugs rooted in recent or past programs.

Whichever hand you write with designates your dominant side, and the Ear-Board on that dominant side mirrors your energy patterns in the present, from today back through the last two weeks. The other Ear-Board mirrors the energy patterns from the past, anything prior to two weeks ago.

So if you are right-handed, and your left Ear-Board is hotter than the right, then your energy interruption is from the past,meaning two or more weeks ago. It may have been a more stressful time period than the past two weeks, or you may have been ill or injured.

A successful Install will balance any differences in your Energy Reading, leaving you balanced and equal on both Ear-Boards, returning you to BLISS!

Let’s get this Install running. First, remove any earrings from your ears or rings from your hands. Cleanse the ears with a damp cloth or alcohol wipes, to remove the natural oil coating. This will help you obtain a better grip. For maximum effectiveness, both Ear-boards must be clicked simultaneously.

Are you ready to go even further down the rabbit hole?


I AM HEALER SOUNDTRACK to squeeze your ears by ~ just move along with the rhythm of this track.

I AM HEALER ~ The Energy Reading Audio 5

May 2024