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I AM HEALER ~ The Install ~ Step 7 ~ Install ~ Video 13

I AM HEALER ~ The Install ~ Step 7 ~ Install ~ Chapter 13

Step 7: Install (fig. 7)

You will now focus on the back of the ear exclusively. Click the back of the Ear-Boards by gently pulling the back of the ear away from the head, and placing the index finger on the back and the thumb on the front of the ear.

Beginning on the outside floppy edge (7a), compress the ear by pressing the Ear-Boards, this time between the finger padsrather than the fingertips. Start at the bottom of the lobe and move to the top of the ear until it meets the scalp. Make a second pass, this time following the groove along the posterior of the earflap from bottom to top (7b). A third pass goes along the posterior slope of the ear from the bottom to the top (7c), pausing where the “C” is located on fig. 7. Pull the ear slightly away from the head for this final click-twist-release spot. The final pass (7d) is a long stroking with the middle finger, caressing the back of the ear where it meets the head. Cradle the area back and forth with significant pressure against the groove behind the ear where it meets the scalp.

Repeat Sweep and Rest

Finish clearing any residual energy by cupping your ears for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, slowly and gently pull your cupped hands away from the ears, moving outward horizontally to the end of your arm’s reach. Drop your hands, and shake off any residual energy from them to release any blockages you have expelled. Repeat this cupping process 3 times, resting for a moment between each cupping. End by cupping your Ear-Boards with your hands to take another Energy Reading, just as you did before beginning the Install. Has the energy changed from the initial Energy Reading? Is the temperature and/or pressure different from one ear to the other, or are they equal? If the temperature and pressure are equal on both Ear-Boards? congratulations! You are now in synch with the Earth at 8 Hz. YAY! The portal to all possibilities lies before you now, the place
where thoughts become things . . .

If, on the other hand the energy reading from one ear to the other is still not equal, then the Install may need to be run again. Simply repeat Steps 1 through 7 until the Energy Reading from both Ear-Boards is equal. Repeat a maximum 3 times, and if you are still not getting an equal reading on both ears you would benefit from a triple play - 3 consecutive days of Installs.

End with your eyes closed. Allow the new energy waves to flow through your body mind and soul.

Take a few minutes of deep relaxation following the Install.

Allowing yourself time, 2 to 5 minutes, to return from the Parasympathetic Mode to the present moment. BLISS!!

Congratulations! I AM HEALER Upgrade has been Successfully Installed!

Your ears will feel warm and you will remain conscious of them for about one hour following your Install that will continue to work throughout your being over the next 24 to 48 hours. During this time, you will metabolize the toxins released during the Install to be eliminated.

The body has 4 elimination organs: the skin; the lungs; the kidneys; the intestines.

To facilitate efficient elimination of toxins through the largest elimination organ – the skin, it is beneficial to dry brush the skin’s surface. Beginning at the extremities brush in firm strokes always in the direction towards the heart.

Soaking in a hot bath, with 2 cups of Epsom Salt or Sea Salt, also facilitates the elimination of dead skin cells allowing for impurities to rise up from the subcutaneous to be eliminated. Hydration is vital in the next 24 hours. You should drink 2 to 4 liters of water to help flush the body of the toxins metabolized during the Install.

You can expect a lot of clearing to occur following your Install. Your lungs may cough up gunge, your bladder and bowel may seem endless in their elimination as well. Other elimination comes from the mind. Clutter seems a thing of the past, as you easily discharge the superfluous in your life and focus on what matters to you today! So go with the flow and PURGE!

May the FORCE be with you!

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I AM HEALER SOUNDTRACK to squeeze your ears by ~ just go along with the rhythm


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