The Fibonacci Sequence of the EARS!

Sacred Geometry of the Ears.

The Ear Fibonacci Sequence

The Ear Fibonacci Sequence

The Ears are a fractal of our entire being - giving us access to our whole body as a result.

The left ear is our portal to access the left side of our body.

The right ear is our portal to access the right side.

Sacred Geometry at it's best! The smallest part of the swirl in the center of the upper portion of the ear indicates where we turn fractal. This is the region of our reproductive organs, also shown on the Fetus Ear diagram below

Available for use anywhere, anytime on anyone with ears!

Go ahead - grab your ears and squeeze them - see what it feels like to pinch them, the entire ear surface is connected to some other part of the body so you might feel some twinges in those areas.


Fetus Ear

Fetus Ear

Holographic overlay

If you hit some tender areas that hurt you can learn what corresponding body part might be suspect from this picture of the inverted fetus on the ear. The head area is in the lobe, the neck and shoulders are just above that, and the arms and legs on top on the flappy part of the ear. All the inner organs are found inside the bowl of the ear and at the back of the ear, behind the bowl of the ear. It's all holographically laid out for us to use and it's at our disposal 24/7 to reformat us.

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This animation will take your breath away and give you a lesson in mathematics of universal proportions

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De-Stress Candice

De-stress in 60 seconds flat… Follow Candis!!

Under tremendous stress recovering from reconstructive leg surgery Candis takes her healing into her own hands, so can you – YOU are the ONE!

T-Boned by a drunk driver Candis almost lost her life as her body was crushed by the impact, fortunately, her 3 years old daughter suffered no physical harm in the accident.

Our messengers of Faith and Hope and Clarity arrive to us in many shapes, sizes and colours. Candis, is a star example of how our greatest messengers can arrive on the scene - IF - we are brave enough to follow our heart's direction and go where it leads us. Knowing deep within our soul this is the right thing to do - sometimes against all reason, logic or odds.

I had returned to Canada in late June 2011 to assist my grandmother in her recovery, despite my broken finger I thought was just mangled and badly sprained at the time. They said not to bother coming, she would not likely last till I arrived - I called her and got the nurse to hold the phone to her ear and told her I was on my way, though I could not decipher a word she spoke they were babbles to my ears. Everyone had warned me before my arrival that she was very frail and would likely not survive at all. But she had stabilized enough they could operate on her and pinned and plated her hip back together and waited to see if she would come back. My grandmother has always been very healthy and a fighter and she proved everyone wrong. This story is about Candis and her recovery, but the reason I was in Canada at all was to assist my grandmother.

To be closer to the convalescence home my grandmother was eventually placed in, I rented a basement apartment nearby, foregoing my no-changes return ticket home to Ibiza, Spain to remain and help my eldest matriarch regain her health in any way that I could. The apartment was within walking distance and was owned by Candis and her husband who lived upstairs with their 4 year old daughter. I was totally absorbed in aiding my Memere and spent little time at my apartment but eventually I bumped into her one evening.

Candis had just returned from a therapy session as I was returning from my Memere's, when she first spoke to me about her condition. She had spent the last year learning to use her leg again, following it's reconstruction, after she was involved in a tragic accident leaving her on the brink of death. She and her daughter were in the car when a drunk driver T-boned her, crashing head on into the driver's side of Candis' car, crushing her left side in the impact. Her daughter was fortunately unharmed, thought they did not know if her mother would survive. She had massive head injuries, numerous other injuries, both internal and external, and her left leg had been mangled almost beyond recognition by the metal from her car door.

It was touch and go for quite a while, but eventually she slowly came back. When she stabilized from all her other injuries, they began reconstructing her leg with pins and plates from the hip down. She spent almost a year in hospital reconstructing, recovering, rehabilitating her leg and learning to walk on it again. I learned from her that day the tremendous progress she had made regaining the use of her leg though it was still rather stiff and inflexible especially at the knee, therefore the daily therapy. She was happy to now able to, mostly, keep up with caring for her young family again. Her main obstacle now was the chronic pain she felt from her daily therapy necessary to regain her full mobility. It made her miserable and cranky and she hated herself to be so short of temper and anti-social in such agonizing pain.

I was happy to inform her I could help her body heal tremendously and would be happy to show her how - I had just written a book on how to and she could be my first student. When she inquired about what I did, I told her I was an Ear Reflexologist that squeezes ears to kill pain, release endorphins, eliminate toxins and reset people's core vibration to BLISS. She looked at me rather incredulously and told me she had pain killers she could rely on to help her with that for now, but if she wanted her ears squeezed she'd let me know. I didn't take it personally - many people think I am overstating what ear squeezing can do for them - till they experience it for them self.

It was not until my roommate Rob allowed me to squeeze his ears and told her about his recovery that she graciously accepted my invitation to squeeze her ears. Rob, who was also in chronic pain and fearful of his reliance on the pain killers so amply supplied by the health care professionals looking after him, had fallen and injured his neck badly. I immediately offered to squeeze his ears of course, and he finally agreed to let me, even though he did not believe in any of that kinda stuff he said. But he had tried everything and since he did not want to execute his only other option, which was to refill his Oxycontin Rx, he agreed. Later that day he told our landlords about his amazing recovery.

Candis came to see me that evening to arrange to get her ears squeezed. The next day we began a series of 3 consecutive I AM HEALER Installs which killed her pain, returned her flexibility and made her jump with joy! She could not believe the relief ear squeezing offered her at first and thought it was all my doing, which it isn't. YOU are the ONE! It was not until she empowered herself by learning how to do her own ears that her belief level soared. She was able to transcend her pain was flexible and her life now could soar before her in perpetual BLISS!

I returned to Ibiza soon after we shot this video of her first I AM HEALER Install ~ where Candis teaches us how to do our own ears to "De-Stress in less than 60 seconds flat".

This video also covers the exact area treated in Step 1 of the complete I AM HEALER Install. There are 7 Steps in total. Anyone can easily master this first step and the other 6 are just as easy to maneuver. The choice is yours, take the blue pill or squeeze your ears~the red pill!

All you need are 4 players

2 hands and 2 ears and

You're IN!

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