The Macrocosm

I AM HEALER – The Macrocosm

Ancient Chinese teachings tell us that the two environmental signals, the Yang (masculine) and the Yin (feminine), must be in balance in order to achieve happiness and perfect health.

The imbalance of masculine versus feminine energy ratio in the world today is ravaging many corners of the world like a bad pestilence, which always devastates for profit. Ours is a bondage to a blood bathed, scarcity driven, fear mongering, patriarchal environment where we are caged in as society locks all believers into it's own little tailor made by design cells.

Maintaining the balance of these two environmental signals is said to be the blueprint for Awareness. It is obvious we have absolutely no control over external circumstances our society deems to be "civilized" at this era in time. Or rather, that is what they want you to think.

This is what I want you to think - The frequency modulators for your GREAT I AM are built right into the body for optimum convenience. I challenge to find a vaster, more effective way to re-balance your inner core Yin/Yang faster than squeezing your ears. I know it sounds preposterous so I will need to bend your reality a bit so you may "see" what I see.

I want you to think of it this way - your ear on your dominant side, the side your write with, represents your Yang side and the other ear is your non-dominant Yin side, so it's different for everybody. What is the same for everyone, is that regardless of what side is your Yin or Yang side is on, in a complete Install, you work (squeeze) both ears simultaneously, so you're all in!

You don't need any special skills or guru qualities to automatically return the Yin/Yang Sacred Balance to harmony inside and out by adjusting, with your ears, the frequency emitted by your electromagnetic torus field. You can adjust the frequency of any part of your electromagnetic being – your Macrocosm – with just a few clicks of the Microcosms: your EARS! You are rendered oblivious to any disharmony from external circumstances and plunged into BLISS. Some say it is sort of like creating our own reality bubble. What the bleep you say??

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You’re IN!


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