The Install ~ Step 6 ~ Reboot


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Step 6 of 7  ~ fig.6 the turquoise areas.

The Install ~ Step 6 Reboot

The Reboot rearranges all the matter in your head area. From your forehead to your lower jaw, and every part of it in between.

Piercings in this region of the ear, or any other region, can also affect the flow of energy on the macrocosm. As a young girl I was persistent about getting my ears pierced, hounding my parents incessantly, till one fine Sunday morning, before my parents were even out of bed my hounding finally paid off. My father sent me to get a bar of soap and a darning needle and thread, and he pierced them before getting out of bed that morning. He just poked me with the needle as quickly as he could - not even, not centered, one is straight through at a 90° angle, the other dives through at a 45° angle. After being on them about it for months and the thread earrings were anticlimactic and ugly. My mother consoled me by telling me she would go to the jewelers and get me some sleepers. Sleepers were little gold rings that passed through the ear and locked together so they would not snag on things and rip at the piercing. I was in grade 3 and within a month of the piercing I was reprimanded in class to the point my eyes were checked and I needed glasses correct my vision to see the chalk board. I only understood how that had happened when I became a Reflexologist. The piercings had plunged through my eye reflexes. the 90° piercing caused next to no damage to my vision in the eye on that side, but the side with the 45° piercing significantly altered my eyesight on that side. I began working the reflexes for my eyes on my lobes as soon as I discovered the connection. My eyesight improved to the point where I did not need to wear eyeglasses!

Ancient civilizations practiced ear piercing for spiritual reasons. The Dalai Lama frequently promotes ear squeezing publicly. I was astounded, when attending the Harvest Festival in September 2011, to bump into Norbu Lama. He was the first to inform me that the Dalai Lama was a strong advocate of Ear Reflexology. I did not know this about the Dalai Lama, I was elevated to a place I had never been before at that moment in time, validated in my knowing of the profound spiritual connection the ears hold for all of humanity. Norbu Lama and I spent hours lost in conversation about the benefits our ears offer us! I will always regret not having the courage to ask him to allow me the honour of introducing him to my version of ear squeezing at that time. He was a Lama after all. He taught me the invaluable lesson of seizing the present moment to share what I need to with the world and to be bolder, braver about forging ahead with my ancient healing science. After all, here we were at an Electronic Music Festival in Northern Ontario. Our messengers arrive to guide us, always, if we are "tuned-in" 

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I AM HEALER eBook + Videos

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Perfect to squeeze our ears by ~ just pinch along with the rhythm

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