The Fibonacci Sequence of the EARS!

Sacred Geometry of the Ears.

The Ear Fibonacci Sequence

The Ear Fibonacci Sequence

The Ears are a fractal of our entire being - giving us access to our whole body as a result.

The left ear is our portal to access the left side of our body.

The right ear is our portal to access the right side.

Sacred Geometry at it's best! The smallest part of the swirl in the center of the upper portion of the ear indicates where we turn fractal. This is the region of our reproductive organs, also shown on the Fetus Ear diagram below

Available for use anywhere, anytime on anyone with ears!

Go ahead - grab your ears and squeeze them - see what it feels like to pinch them, the entire ear surface is connected to some other part of the body so you might feel some twinges in those areas.


Fetus Ear

Fetus Ear

Holographic overlay

If you hit some tender areas that hurt you can learn what corresponding body part might be suspect from this picture of the inverted fetus on the ear. The head area is in the lobe, the neck and shoulders are just above that, and the arms and legs on top on the flappy part of the ear. All the inner organs are found inside the bowl of the ear and at the back of the ear, behind the bowl of the ear. It's all holographically laid out for us to use and it's at our disposal 24/7 to reformat us.

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