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I AM HEALER ~ The Construct Summary

A major upgrade to our GREAT I AM software suite, I AM HEALER, is a powerful yet easy-to-use application that enables us to create amazing transformations in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our life.

-Create the perfect inner balance with easy-to-use aural controls.
-Quickly find the reflexes you need via revolutionary Ear-Boards.
-Apply effects like pain relief and instant de-stressing in a few clicks.
-Create a sense of serenity with drag-and-drop ease.
-Give your friends and family a new outlook on health & abundance.

The knowledge of your “I AM HEALER”needs to, literally, be in the hands of the masses; virtually NOW.

The ancient healing arts of Acupressure, Ear Reflexology, and Auricular Therapy form the basis of your I AM HEALER Install. You may have no memory of this program because, to put it simply, the program has been overwritten.
Time to re-Activate the program!

Our very own built-in “ear keyboards,” or Ear-Boards, allow us to tap into the deep recesses of our anatomy and physiology via the reflex points found on our easy to read Ear-Boards, which are directly hardwired to our central processor, our brain.

I AM HEALER takes our body from its normal Conscious Operating System - the Sympathetic Mode of being, walking and talking, etc., and plunges it into the Unconscious Operating System - the Parasympathetic Mode of rest and repair to carry out the instructions sent out from the Ear-Boards.

The benefits of our I AM HEALER is put to use immediately by

-activating the body’s self-healing potential.
-releasing endorphins that kill pain within seconds.
-helping the body release and eliminate toxins.
-improving cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation.
-providing immediate relief from stress, which causes 80% of illnesses.

Our built-in I AM HEALER will teach how clicking specific reflex points on the Ear-Boards enables our physiology to respond. One click communicates information along the nervous system by electromagnetic impulses, sending a message to an entirely different part(s) of the body and restoring it to its proper vibration. It is similar to the way pinging establishes an Internet provider’s address by returning a signal that enables you to go online. The ear reflex sends a signal to the brain that sets up a stream of bioelectrical pulsations that produce the required sequence of neurological “signals” to the cells that will return the organism – YOU – to a state of peace and clarity. “I AM HEALER” maps out the Ear-Board reflexes for us to communicate with our inner drugstore to dispense a multitude of natural pharmaceuticals, resulting in the desired effect, feeling blissfully better. This process leaves us feeling balanced and happy, pulsating in harmony with this joy ride. We have many built-in reflexes in our software suite that prepare us for this ride we are taking. Our fight-or-flight reflex is one of our pre-programmed reflexes in response to impending danger.

To better understand how these preprogrammed reflexes work, let us take a reflex point we are all familiar with as an example, the nipple. The nipple has “nerve pathways” that are hardwired into the central processor to respond to stimulus in a certain way. With certain stimuli, nipples can send out a cascade of information, directly causing effects to be felt in entirely different locations of the body, the genitals in particular.

I AM HEALER uses the same “nerve pathways” to promote wellness by clicking an “ear keyboard” reflex that communicates with and effects a response from an entirely different anatomical part of the body. Utilizing the same “nerve pathways” the news traveled along from the nipples to the genitals, sending multitudes of electronic signals from head to toe in the process. In addition, it instantaneously dispenses hormones and endorphins and an array of other physiological elements, all in the proper dosage to achieve the desired effect

Your life is about to get dramatically healthier.
Your I AM HEALER program is available for
immediate Install. All you need are 4
players, 2 hands, and 2 ears, and then . . .
You’re IN!


I AM HEALER SOUNDTRACK to squeeze your ears by ~ just go along with the rhythm <3

The Construct

May 2024